The 411

Formed in 2007, The Whammy Bars are an amalgam of experienced local players and talented newcomers to the scene. Lead singer, Joe, and guitarist, Ed, have performed together in cover and original bands for the last 30 years, honing their talent and perfecting the art of the show. Drummer, Mike, and bassist, Nick, have been playing music in various groups for the last ten years.

With the combined benefit of energetic, seasoned performers and hungry new talent, The Whammy Bars have emerged as an explosive party band who will at times surprise you with freshly arranged classic funk, rock and R&B covers and thrill you with spot-on renditions of brand-new radio hits.


Joe DeDominici

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Ed McCauley

The Grateful Ed McCauley

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Mike Camille

Drums, Vocals

Nick Logue

Bass, Vocals